Building Conservation Accreditation

By Nathan Foley | 31 July 2020 | CPD, Historic Building Consultants

Building Conservation Accreditation has been something I have had my eye on for years, my passion is historic buildings they way they work, they way they are put together, altered or fail all interest me.

The Next logical step for me is look at getting a Building Conservation Accreditation it appears I am eligible for both the RICS and CIOB schemes, I have chosen to do the RICS scheme first and have submitted my application this week to hopefully get an interview in Q3 of 2020.

With accreditation I will be able to offer my clients better access to financial support for larger projects, prove my credentials after being assessed by a group of my peers (its a pretty small cohort there are only around 200 in the country on the RICS Scheme).

I am hopeful that I will be successful on my first application but I am also a realist the requirements are high and I imagine the interview to be gruelling, given you have an hour to discuss your understanding and it is a wide and vast subject and I admit to not knowing everything off the top of my head, but I process the required skills so I can research, analyse and reason. More information on the Scheme can be found here: