Modern Residential Surveys

Our normal modern build houses surveys start for a pretty typical or small property i.e a small terrace house

Level 2Level 3
Starting From £695Starting From £795

The price of the survey depends on the risk, the number of rooms and availability of information, the age of the property, and the use of the property among others.

The following Link can help you ascertain which survey you want, we are not currently offering level 1 surveys as a product if you want one we can do it but its likely to be close to the level 2 price. Helping you choose the right survey

A link to the agents and your expected survey level, timeframe requires and your plans for the property are usually enough for us to put a fee proposal together if its off-market we need the following information

No Bedrooms:
No Additional Rooms:
No Bathrooms:
Out Buildings:
Full Address including Postcode:
Plans for the property
Time Frame

For larger and/or more complex the range of fees will increase to £3500+ for a Level 3 survey
Although we are very happy to issue a quote on an individual basis as detailed throughout this site if you are seeking prices from individual surveyors and price is your only motivation we will likely be the most expensive due to the detailed and bespoke nature of our reports and inspections.

You can read reasons why this is the case by reading the articles Here and Here

Historic Building Surveys

We offer Historic Building Surveys for heritage and traditional buildings regardless of their protected status, our fees for these start as per the table below:

Traditional Building Survey (Small Terrace House / Flat) (Minimum Fee)£1000
Typical 3/4 Bedroom family home fees£1500

Timber frames are likely to cost more and not be as quick as for any proper type of survey the vendor is likely to need to sign an agreement for a more thorough survey than a standard construction building with the use of knives, adze, screwdrivers (as a larger bradawl), bonsai claw bar and other tools are needed to ascertain the state of the frames including sole plates and the general frame, this is likely to lead to cosmetic damage unless there is rot in which case it could be structural. We may need to remove sections of concrete, covering or filling so there will be repairs needed! Through surveying of timber-framed buildings are difficult at the pre-purchase stage unless the current owner allows more through investigations than a standard survey they also cost more than a standard survey due to the additional time.

Conditions & Notes

Reviewing Consents, we will review the following where available online if they are not available online we can’t review them unless they are supplied to us by yourself or the vendor for cases where more desk-based research has been paid for we will contact the local authority and Historic England to try and get these but responses to these enquiries are not usually forthcoming.

  • Planning permissions
  • Building regulation consent
  • Listed building consents
  • Scheduled monument consent

The fee quoted above covers a digital delivery of the Report / Survey delivered to your nominated email. If you would like a hard copy delivered a fee of £28.00 will be chargeable for each copy as they are produced for us by a third party and stitch or wire bound for easy storage.

Please note, all prices above are estimates and subject to a formal agreement and our terms & conditions of engagement

The prices quoted will contain enough time for pre and post inspection enquires but these are to be reasonable, additional consultancy fees will apply beyond this.

Consultancy / Historic Building Consultancy

I offer general consultancy, as well as historic building consultancy my fees for these are listed below these, are for all works regardless of the service to be provided.
These fees would apply for all work undertaken as per the table below and this would include the inspection and report writing

ItemRate of Fees
General Consultancy Hourly Rate£165.00
Travel Time 50% of the General Consultancy Rate
Mileage£0.65 Per Mile over 15 Miles

Please Note: In addition to the post-inspection write up there may need to be research or post-inspection information gathering these will be charged accordingly

For all works, I am willing to give a fixed fee quotation and as long as the work and terms of that are agreed this will be the only charge with the exception of any agreed disbursements. As per residential surveys if the price is your sole motivator then it is unlikely I will be the cheapest quote I charge to provide a professional service and to allow me to do the best for my clients.

Party Wall Surveyor Quote

Party Wall Matters

I offer a full range of party wall and neighbourly services and the cost to undertake those works are listed below:

Drafting Party Wall Notice(s)Amount
Single Notices Per Adjoining Owner£165.00
Two or More Notices Per Adjoining owner (Per Serving Incident)£200.00
10 Day follow-up (Per Serving Incident) if required£15.00

Party Wall Minimum Charges 
Per Award Agreed or Party Appointed£545.00
Preparation of a Schedule of Condition£380.00

Typical Party Wall Costs [Excluding Disbursements] 
Building Owners Surveyor (Simple Domestic Extention) No schedule of condition £725.00
Agreed Surveyor as above£875.00
Typical Adjoining Owners Surveyor fee (Subject to the quality of information and site visit costs)£625.00

Surveyor Hourly Rates
Nathan Foley £165.00

Specific Defects & Building Pathology

Specific Defect Surveys, Investigations and Building Pathology [wall ties, crack monitoring, data logging]
From £500.00 Price on Application
Specific Defect Surveys – Intrusive Residential Damp Surveys
I.e using a carbide meter
From £550.00 Price on Application

Aerial Surveying and Roofs by Drone

Aerial Surveying and Roofs by Drone
From £399.00 Price on Application

Please note: all prices above are estimates and subject to a formal agreement and our terms & conditions of engagement

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