Specific Defects

At Home Heroes we offer several specific defect reports, a specific defect report is where you ask us to look at a particular issue within your property it is usually building pathology related but in some cases could be contract-specific i.e a snagging list for a new build property

Damp Surveys:

The most common specific defect survey we get involved in is damp usually in period properties in which in Kent there is a lot by this we mean those that were constructed before 1919, our involvement is usually following a survey from another contractor or worse when you’ve had a member of the PCA around to convince you to install a new chemical damp proof course and cement based products on your walls.

We can carry out an extensive survey of your property to investigate your issue and in addition, we are able to use state-of-the-art technology such as Thermal Imaging Camera and industry-approved procedures like Calcium-Carbide Testing (Speedy) to make sure there is a real damp issue we do not rely on a pin probed resistance meter for specialist damp surveys although we have one and use them as required during home buyer surveys.

In addition to the technology, we also have access to the industry’s key standards including

  • BS5250 – code for the control of condensation,
  • BS6576 – code for the installation of damp proofing
  • BS 7913 – Conservation of historic buildings.
  • BRE Digest 245 – Rising damp in walls – diagnosis and treatment

Our work is in line with these guidance documents, our director has also completed the excellent CIOB Understanding Building Conservation course which is all on applying ICOMOS and BS 7913 Standards.

Speedy Moisture Tester

Calcium Carbide Testing Information:

Building Pathology and Defect Analysis

Using the latest equipment to aid in the investigation of any building defect, our building surveyors can provide detailed reporting and advice. Once identified, we will specify and can even monitor the appropriate remedial works.

Defects can occur in all buildings, but one common factor is the need to act fast. In most cases, this will prevent the need for further, more extensive and costly remedial works.

Endoscopic Surveys

An endoscopic survey can be used for many reasons including to identify and classify cavity wall tie failure, to check for the installation of cavity wall installation, and to check for the presence of a cavity closer where one should be installed but there is failure that indicates otherwise. For our Cavity Wall tie inspections, we use the definitive guide of BRE Digest 401.

Structural Monitoring

Have a crack and are not sure if it’s still active we can set up a monitoring program where one of our surveyors will visit the site and install crack monitoring discs so we can undertake seasonal or monthly monitoring to identify if the cracking is live and continuing to move.

Snagging Lists

A Snagging List is a detailed report of items not finished to an acceptable standard in a total or partial new build as well as recently refurbished older properties

We would all like to believe that a new build is perfect, or that a builder will be attentive to problems you find after you have moved in, but the best way of being sure is raising the points requiring attention BEFORE you complete and hand over all your money.

There are numerous cases available of this not being the case all over the internet but here is a few




A Snagging List will give you the authority to require the proper finish whilst you still have leverage over the builder and before you are living in the property, so any damage can not be blamed on you.

Snagging lists provide a professional’s visual opinion on what is an incorrect or unacceptable practice.

If you are buying a new home, it is a good idea to arrange a Snagging List with us at least two weeks before completion.

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