CIOB – Changes Ahead

By Nathan Foley | 26 January 2024 | General

We’ve been a big believer in running a well run practice supplying our clients with a dedicated and professional service. As part of this we registered to Join the CIOB as a Chartered Building Consultancy.

This scheme has been undertaking some changes and they will come in to force this year, after reviewing these changes we’ve decided to take a step back and unregister while the dust settles.

Why Unregister and When?

We’ve reviewed the marketing information given to us and the increased paperwork requirements to be a member of the scheme and the benefits appear to not to make the service worthwhile to us, when we initially joined we needed dozens of different documents and items in place to join and these where written and have been updated but the change to management consultancy is a step to far to us

Below is an extract from the CIOB’s own site about what is offered, remembering that we are a fully qualified solo practice the changes just don’t offer us any additional items with the exception of a logo

CIOB Benefits

With all this being said we have been offered to continue for a year before having to join the newer scheme but I have taken the decision to rip the band-aid off and will therefore not be renewing in 2024 and will begin the process of removing references to it from our site.

We will review the status once we fully understand the implementation of the new scheme