RICS Retrofit Standards Launched

By Nathan Foley | 27 March 2024 | General

Well it has finally launched and while I haven’t read it all, there has been some suggestions this could be a move too late by the RICS on the introduction of the retrofit standards and in addition to this the fact that they have linked the standards of survey to the normal Home Survey Standard Levels [HSS] (Levels 1-3)

There has been some discussions on surveying forums and posts that this puts RICS regulated firms and surveyors at a disadvantage where they are having to use HSS where others aren’t, it does mentioned appropriately amended though and I would read into this and say you don’t need to worry about gardens and other items your looking for items which directly effect the retrofit and one set of survey standards are a good thing this has been championed by RPSA for sometime in terms of there Minimum Survey standards

Retrofit Standards

Out now the Residential retrofit standards are available & can be downloaded From Here

RICS Retrofit Standards March 2024

This standard becomes effective from the 31st October 2024

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