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By Nathan Foley | 15 October 2022 | Home Heroes

We are aware our Google My Business Page has been removed, at this moment in time we don’t know what has happened by they suspended the listing we have already submitted a challenge to get it reinstated. Due to this, we have lost our reviews we do have a backup on the site and these continue to operate for now.

We don’t know what the issue is but have done what was asked of us by Google to get it reinstated we hope it will be reinstated but if it is we will need to consider our review strategy moving forward as this was a big hit for us, although we like independent reviews the way in which they just removed the listing is a concern for a small business.

We will update this post with information as it becomes available but yes we are aware our listing doesn’t currently work.

Update 7th November, after nearly a month of Google Seem content we are a real business and they have said they have started the process to fix the issue

Google Response
Google’s Response

I have noticed on the page I can view about 50% of our feedback has now been removed which is a pitty and we will need to look at how we handle reviews ongoing

Last Updated 07th November 2022