Historic Building Consultancy

At Home Heroes Limited we are experienced Historic Building practitioners advocating the most current and sympathetic information. Unlike a lot of Building Surveyors we are fully informed of BS7913:2013 and the RICS Joint Dampness Methodology Statement. Building Surveys.

We carry out Building Surveys, Damp Surveys and Specific Defect Survey’s to all pre-1919 traditional building regardless of the designation or status, so that includes Grade II listed, Grade II* Grade I listed, Scheduled Ancient Monuments and any property build Pre-1919 which requires a different set of building pathology skills and greater property understanding.

We use the latest and best technology to undertake our listed building survey which allows us to fully understand the way your building should work, this includes thermohydrometers, Thermal Cameras, endoscopes not just a “damp meter” in addition to these tools if your problem is a specific defect we can setup a full suite of environmental monitoring equipment to really understand what is going on in your pre-1919 building.

Home Survey Standards – This service is delivered in accordance with the Home survey standard (1st edition) RICS professional statement and is equivalent to Level 3. We use our own custom templates for this now due to the standardisation and a copy is available on request we no longer use RICS or SAVA forms