Broadband Services

By Nathan Foley | 16 June 2020 | Home Buyers Survey

One of the benefits of having our own survey products is that we are free to adapt and edit them as and how we wish. Early on during the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’ it became apparent that there are several changes to how people are using their properties and this is probably going to have a long-time effect.

The advantage of our own report format allows us to add and remove information as required for each version of the report, we are currently on V1 of the new Home Survey Standards Report which is compliant with the home survey standards as currently reported and which will come into force in December 2020.

I am sure unlikely me this isn’t one of the first things you check. When we were looking for our current house, I would check every house for what I felt where the vital services broadband and mobile phone reception.  One of the first jobs was the installation of CAT6 Ethernet throughout the property because internet connectivity is important to me and the way we live our digital life.

Broadband and Mobile pull from a report
Example Report Extract.

So, we now have an increase in home working, and this means that broadband internet speeds and mobile phone reception are likely to become more important to our clients and this is why we have taken the step to add them to our reports although we can’t comment on individual circumstances and would always advise you check this with your preferred supplier. We can at least present you the information so you can decide if it’s important to you.

We already comment on the lack of sockets in rooms as this isn’t compatible with modern life, it doesn’t reduce the so called condition but this information is helpful to you as a potential home owner, we will begin to see the effect of the ‘lockdown’ in the property market I expect people are going to want additional services, faster internet, a home working space and mobile signal are all going to be important it will be interesting to see what additional items the new RICS home survey templates will include, but we will adapt our offering to be at the forefront of the home survey service.