New Mobile-First Review Site Launched

By Nathan Foley | 16 January 2021 | Home Heroes

We are changing the way we handle reviews and we blogged about this back in August saying we would be changing them adding some short links and a custom domain name to deal with them, we live and breath customer service, as well as a fair fee for quality work we want happy customers and we, want them to be able to leave reviews for us. with this, in mind, we have been busy working on a solution and in April we acquired a new domain to handle this plan.

So what’s the change?

We now have a dedicated URL to handle our reviews and that URL is this has been tested for about 5 months and on the back of this new design is short cuts to our Facebook, Google, Yell and Free Index Reviews. No long URLS remember for Google or for Facebook.

If you visit the site you will find a small mobile website it’s designed for use on a mobile phone but serviceable on a desktop PC

So why the change?

Well when we say we are a customer focused consultancy we really do mean it, you our customers matter to us and we believe that we can collect vital reviews from you easier and there important for future clients so we want you to be happy and we want you to tell them about it. This means we want the user experience of leaving these reviews to be as painless and easy as possible.

  • The website makes it easier to give someone verbally with its dedicated url
  • the short URLS all follow the same format Domain/Capital-Review Platform So we can again give them verbally
  • Its mobile first meaning it works perfectly on the smaller screens of mobile phones and tablets and you can leave your review on the go
  • Our reviews are still independent of our network of sites this means you can trust them more.