A Party Wall Forum Launched

By Nathan Foley | 30 March 2020 | Home Heroes, Party Wall Surveyor

Home Heroes Limited has launched a new space to discuss everything Party Wall Related with the launch of Party Wall Forum

About the Act

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 can be a complexed process and for homeowners when contacting a party wall surveyor they are usually already confused and worried about the impact on there build. Most just need to talk through the option ask their questions in a non-sales way and at Home Heroes Limited this is what we strive to do. 

A quick google will let you know that the questions around the party wall act are wide and people are desperate to talk about it, with this in mind Home Heroes Limited set about to find a place this could happen with the help of our developers at WordPress Ninja we have launched and fully beta tested a new community where homeowners, developers, builders and party wall surveyors can come together to ask and answer questions. Surveyors can place offers of services to assist these users but this isn’t the main goal the goal is information and communication.

So what is this solution:

We are excited to launch our new party wall forum a dedicated forum for all things party wall, you can ask questions, be you the one carrying out the work or in fact if it’s your neighbour who is undertaking the notifiable work. The whole idea of the Party Wall Forum is that there is an open forum where you can review what has come before you, see that no question is stupid and if your question hasn’t been asked before, just ask it and the hope is the community will answer and debate on the implications of your question or problem.

The Party Wall Forum is one of two tools that Home Heroes Limited have been working on in addition to our Plan Check Service to make compliance with the party wall act easier for the layman the second of these is looking for a Q1 2020 launch to beta and will allow the automatic generation of a party wall notice for the price of a large coffee and we hope to launch this within the next 4 weeks.

Why should people engage?:

Owners and Neighbours can see what the act entails via real-world experiences and real-world problems, the hope is it will offer you support allow you to engage with a so-called party wall support network and hopefully, the experience will contribute to a fairer party wall experience.

Builders, Developers and Architects:  A repository of knowledge, pitfalls and problems links to a network fo qualified, vetted helpful party wall surveyors no “ambulance chasers” and moderated for removal of fear somewhere to direct your clients and your staff to look and understand the Party wall act.

Surveyors, Lawyers and barristers: A no advertising policy may seem bad for you but this isn’t to protect the site its to continue the discussion and prevent posts of  “contact me for info” help engage and you will then get a profile location allowing you to offer your services via your footer, the idea is to prevent the same items keep coming up a searchable database of Party Wall issues and solutions. As users are sent and delivered great interaction leads should be generated, quality over quantity.
Visit the https://partywallforum.co.uk/ today signup and engage