Roof Surveys – Drones Thanet & Canterbury

By Nathan Foley | 31 December 2020 | Home Buyers Survey

We’ve offered our Roof Surveys using Drones for just over a year and a lot has happened in that year but that’s 2020 for you. Now there are changes in legislation that come in today 31st December 2020 that do affect this service but this is good news, historically this has been totally at the domain of a CCA registered pilot and the cost of training has prohibited our surveyors from undertaking this work directly.

The latest changes mean I will be undertaking training myself and you can now choose to have a surveyor as your pilot unless we deem it requiring a specialist GVC pilot due to complications

In fact, roofing surveys using drones is a going to be easier with the new qualifications and newer drones we will be able to be within 5 metres in ‘low speed’ mode of so-called uninvolved people. It has always been a popular specific defect request

Thanet Roof Survey

What does this mean for our clients in Thanet? Well it means we should be able to mobilise a roof survey much quicker and be able to look at additional details that “drone” only pilots don’t look at like flouncing’s and flashings around chimneys, guttering etc.

You also have the benefits of only having to pay for scaffolding for access when you are carrying out the repair rather than at the inspection stage. So this will save you money and

Drone Roofing Survey

Canterbury Roof Survey

In Canterbury, we have always been able to mobilise quicker than Thanet but one of the biggest benefits of the new rules is allowing us to get closer to buildings and the previously mentioned new 5 metres in ‘low speed’ mode gives us much greater freedom without having to get your entire street involved in using a drone we can now in most property just go straight up or get just permission from immediate neighbours the old 50m rules, was cumbersome and problematic, new rules allowing this to be confined to just the property in question.

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