Sneak Peak – Update

By Nathan Foley | 26 April 2020 | Home Buyers Survey

Nothing is finalised yet but we have been using our downtime during the Covid-19 lockdown to produce some new products update our website and other important business items

New Survey Templates

We have been working on a new survey template which will be used by us hopefully by June 2020 and will be in full compliance with the new survey standard we have almost done the level 3 and the level 2 is well on its way in addition to this a new set of site notes and information sheets will also be trialled. We will no longer be using the traditional RICS branded survey ours has more details on easier for you to understand we think its a better surevy for you our customers it keeps the familiar RAG ratings.

Reviews and Downloads

As a digital brand, we have purchased and have begun working on our new platforms for allowing you to quickly review us on multiple platforms when this is all done and ready for launch it will be viewable at this new site will hopefully allow direct linking to our main review platform to allow you to quickly and efficiently review us.

In addition to the review website, we have also acquired the myreport. download domain and this will be the short link that will allow you to download your survey at a click of a button 30 day duration on all survey links direct download and in addition to this no more complaints about filling inboxes up or inboxes rejecting surveys with lots of photos.


As well as all the above we have also been busy undertaking lots and lots of CPD to keep us up to date and to make us better surveyors and engineers.

My Local Surveyors Network

We have begun work on the next stage of our branding and we are please to announce that we will be launching two new Kent based sites called mylocalsurvyors and thepartywallpractice it is hoped that these will become national brands that will draw on the home heroes ethos and allow us to practice best practice