RAG Rating what are the benefits?

By Nathan Foley | 29 January 2020 | Home Buyers Survey, Home Heroes, Professional Standards

Rag Ratings In Property Reports

At Home Heroes Limited we use Red, Amber, Green Ratings (RAG) all the time, be it within project documentation, risk registers, surveys and specific defect reports.  The main thing about RAG rating systems are that we are consistance throught a project, survey or register with the levels we are asigning to the items as long as that is correct the RAG System does its job

I have given much thought about the future of our reports given the RICS Home Survey Standards which will come into force in a few months in June 2020. This gives as a reasonably exciting opportunity to move away from the standard RICS suite of surveys and build our own Level 1 , 2 and 3 Home Surveys inline with the new survey standard which can be read here and this is what brought to my mind Rag Ratings again.

Should we include a RAG rating in our newly designed surveys I think the answer to this has to be a standing Yes we will continue to adapt but we will keep the simple universal traffic light system for our own designed surveys, our clients are able to read and understand them easier they are visual references for the property and the service we are providing and we don’t think they’re too basic to include, we still tell you exactly why they have that rating the only thing it does give you is a quick visual reference.

So why not book your residentialdilapidation or commercial survey today, so we have another opportunity to use the pole cam, one of our services where the pole cam is particularly useful is our Listed Building Surveys and historic building consultancy

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