Digital Signatures

By Nathan Foley | 8 July 2023 | Home Heroes, Professional Standards

At home heroes, we’ve always strived to digitalise where we have and reduce our actual paper output and we’ve been using digital signatures for all our documents since our inception.

We use several software packages for our digital signatures depending on the need and what we wish to deliver our most common partner and the one we’ve used for over a decade is They have served us well and if you get an email from them from us it will likely be your letters of appointment or your terms of engagement for you to sign and return.

Digital signatures and the return of them have probably saved us £1000s of pounds and thousands of wasted postal journeys, for sending reading and returning signed documents.

We continue to adapt and utilise them more and more and we have taken the decision this is now our default way of working, it becomes the anomaly that we use the printer and the postal system.

As well as digital signatures we have also been utilising electronic responses to Party Wall Notices for a couple of years utilising technology in QR codes to make this quicker and easier for adjoining owners to respond.

As well as Signwell we have backup plans with some of the other people within the industry including Contracts Hub and GrabSign but we have been reasonably fortunate that sign well has been extraordinarily reliable for us.

This is the first of a series of posts where we will be letting the vale down on some of the important technology we use on our websites, links on these posts may contain affiliate links where we are paid for anyone that happens to signup.