Listed Building Surveys Hawkinge

Do you need a Building Survey for your Listed Building or Pre-1919 Building in Hawkinge

We are RICS Building Conservation qualified Surveyors, who offer in-depth and detailed Level 3 Surveys in Hawkinge on all old building types, ranging from timber-framed barns, and Flint walls to Edwardian terraced houses and everything in-between; listed or without designation. Each survey and report is tailored and bespoke to the property, by a surveyor who understands the different parts of your building with experience and passion for historic buildings.

Our principal surveyor is an RICS Building Conservation Accredited professional, a Chartered Surveyor, Building Engineer and Construction Manager with a degree from UCEM in Building Surveying, they have experience with a whole array of building materials and are familiar with the local vernacular design.

Listed Building Surveys Hawkinge
Listed Building Survey in Hawkinge

Listed Building Surveys in Hawkinge

All our listed building surveys in Hawkinge are Level 3 Surveys which is the highest level of survey listed in the RICS Home Survey Standards which came in to effect in June 2020 and is mandatory, so why the change?

This Survey has had many names over the years which can be confusing for consumers and the Home Survey Standard begins to set this straight you will no longer look for a Structural Survey in Hawkinge or a Building Survey in Hawkinge you will now look for the service level you want in this case Level 3 Survey in Hawkinge

A level 3 survey costs more than the other RICS reports because it gives detailed information about the structure and fabric of the property.

Our listed building level 3 surveys in Hawkinge cost more than our other surveys because of the time spent on site, which is usually the whole day, working our way down first we will get to know the building, how it was built, what the materials and craft are, what’s been done to it throughout the ages, have the windows been renewed, extensions been built in addition to getting a better understanding of your property we will also do everything contained within the Level 3 Home Survey Standard for residential properties.

Chartered Building Surveyor Faversham
Chartered Building Surveyor Faversham

Importance of a Surveyor

Whether you are inspecting a newly purchased listed building in Hawkinge or if you are looking to buy one, surveying allows you to know about any specific maintenance work that may be required. As a buyer, you can find out if consent was given for any previous alteration work conducted. If any such work is found, then this can be used to negotiate a better price. Additionally, you can find out whether future work can be conducted as our team will explain which works can be conducted and which ones may face restriction. This can help to make the buying decision easier. We fully assess the current condition of the listed building and advise you on whether it would be a worthy investment.

Repair and Maintenance

The repair and maintenance work required for listed buildings can differ substantially in comparison to other buildings. It is important to be aware of the scope of the repair work required, and which type of work is allowed. We will outline all of the options available to you, and also provide an accurate cost analysis. This can be vital in assessing whether a listed building is a worthy investment.

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