Need a Building Surveyor Faversham?

Party Wall Surveyor in Faversham?

We have spent a lot of time in the last few weeks working on the website and publishing articles about some of the areas we visit and some of the services we offer in this area and today’s post is no exception it’s about Faversham, Kent where we offer a full Building Surveyor Service. We are able to offer the following services in Faversham and The Surrounding Areas, This post was inspired by a visit to the historic town of Faversham while working on a Listed Building Survey Faversham.

Party Wall Surveyor Faversham

We are able to be appointed as your Party Wall Surveyor in Faversham be it a simple rear extension or more extreme works to a listed building we can be appointed as the building owners surveyor or as an adjoining owner surveyor and we also offer our services as an agreed party wall surveyor. We carry out full schedules of condition and Party Wall Agreements in and around Swale. You can read more about our general Party Wall Surveyor Faversham Services on our dedicated Party wall Page

Residential Surveys Faversham

At Home Heroes Limited we offer a full range of residential surveys in Faversham, Kent. This includes Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Home Surveys are though given the standard of buildings and their history a lot of surveys we would undertake in Seale are likely to be level 3 Full Building Surveys in Faversham rather than the less Level 2 HomeBuyers Reports in Faversham but we do roughly equal numbers of each as well as specific defect surveys like Damp Surveys in Faversham. But given the town’s history which you can see in the below Swale Promotional video, our most popular two services here are listed building surveys Faversham and working on listed building applications, listed building fault investigation or general Historic Building Consultant in Faversham

Photos of Historic Buildings around the town

Commercial Property Surveyors

In addition to our residential service, we also offer our commercial services which would be due to diligence surveys, stock condition surveys and dilapidations services. well as this its also the case we work as a Party Wall Surveyor for commercial clients too, be it a new development, residential to commercial or commercial to residential conversion we are able to work with you to make sure you comply with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

We cover all of the swale area’s and more Your Local Surveyor

Drone Services around Swale

Now offer all our services including our drone roof surveys and Building Surveys in Faversham although we currently don’t have any actual drone footage to show you from the local area we have found some nice drone footage from around the creek which you can see below

So why not book your residentialdilapidation or commercial survey today, so we have another opportunity to use the pole cam, one of our services where the pole cam is particularly useful is our Listed Building Surveys and historic building consultancy

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