Party Wall Surveyor Boughton under Blean

Are you doing building work or is it your neighbour? have you been served or need to serve a Party Wall Notice in Boughton under Blean we can help. Party Wall Surveyor.

We cover Kent especially the Coastal Towns in and around Canterbury and we are experienced and qualified building surveyors.

Building Owners Surveyor Boughton under Blean:

Planning on doing works which require a notice in Boughton under Blean

Home Heroes can assist you with notices working by agreement with you to serve your notices and if a dispute arises we are able to work as Building Owner Surveyors in Boughton under Blean and the surrounding area.

Our Fees are simple and easy to understand and are agreed in advance

If the situation arises and you’re Neighbours agree we are able to be appointed as an Agreed Surveyor Boughton under Blean if this would benefit you and our agreed surveyor fees usually cost an additional £150 which could save you £1000’s on the cost of an Adjoining Owner Surveyors Fee’s

Have you Served a Notice in Boughton under Blean?

No reply adjoining owner(s) ignoring or failing to act after your ten-day request don’t worry we can offer advice and Home Heroes Limited surveyors accept appointments by Building Owners under Section 10 (4) appointments as Adjoining Owner Surveyors Boughton under Blean

Adjoining Owner – Been Served a Notice?

It is quite often that the first you know about a neighbour’s planned work and how it may affect you and your property is when you are served you a party wall notice.

Home Heroes Limited can help we have qualified and professional surveyors ready to be appointed as Adjoining Owners Surveyor Boughton under Blean

If you decent to these works it is possible to agree to appoint the building owners surveyor as an agreed surveyor or obtain your own as an adjoining owners surveyor, the party wall Act is designed to allow these works to go ahead but the award that will be served by the surveyor(s) if a dispute arises could include items such as:

  • Working Hours
  • Dust and Excessive Noise Control
  • Vibration limitation

If you’ve received a notice and would like some advice on how you can best protect your property, please do not hesitate to contact us today

If you follow the below link for additional information about how the party wall affects you and your property depending on your situation:

I am wanting to undertake work which may invoke the Party Wall Act 


My neighbour is planning to undertake work which may invoke the Party Wall Act.

We are all experienced qualified building surveyors in Boughton under Blean, Kent so you are guaranteed qualified professional construction surveyors. If your building is listed or a pre-1919 property we also have experienced Historic Building Surveyors / Historic Building Consultants in Boughton under Blean, Kent.

Some of Our Services:

  • Impartial advice on Party Wall Matters Boughton under Blean
  • Preparation and service of valid Party Wall Notices Boughton under Blean
  • Agreed Surveyors Boughton under Blean
  • Acting as Party Wall Surveyor for Adjoining Owners Boughton under Blean
  • RICS Home Buyer Reports Boughton under Blean
  • Home Condition Surveys Boughton under Blean
  • Damp Surveys Boughton under Blean
  • Boughton under Blean Building Surveyor
  • Level 1 Surveys Boughton under Blean
  • Level 2 Surveys Boughton under Blean
  • Level 3 Surveys Boughton under Blean
  • Dillapidations Boughton under Blean
  • Listed Building Surveys Boughton under Blean
  • Historic Building Consultant Boughton under Blean
  • Roof Drone Surveys Boughton under Blean

We cover Canterbury, Margate, Ramsgate, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Folkestone, Dover, Deal, Ash, Sandwich, Faversham, Sittingbourne and Other Kent Locations for all Our Party Wall, Building Surveys, Home Buyer Reports.

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