What’s a Heel Drop Test?

So what is a heel drop test well a good way to describe it is standing on the floor in question lift your heel up so your on tiptoes and then drop your weight back on to your heel so its flat against the ground?

When is it used?

Two main uses are the easiest way to differentiate between solid concrete and suspended timber is the “heel drop test”. Basically, stamping or jumping on the floor! Is there is any give to the floor or reverberation of the furniture in the room?  Then chances are that it is a suspended timber floor. If it is hard and your body jars, then it is likely to be a solid floor.

The second is on a suspended floor if you want to identify any possible issues such as bowing or suspected rot, i.e missing air vents water ingress, damp etc. so we use them a lot in our residential and commercial property surveys and during our party wall schedules of condition. It is also a very useful diagnostic method for our listed building surveys in Kent as we are able to go from room to room assisting us in identifying any issues with the old timber floors and floorboards.

So why not book your residentialdilapidation or commercial survey today, so we have another opportunity to use the pole cam, one of our services where the pole cam is particularly useful is our Listed Building Surveys and historic building consultancy

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