What’s a mullion I thought that was a muntin? isn’t that a glazing bar? so whats a transom?

In what is the second of our term explanations in as many hours, In the surveying world, it really isn’t hard to get confused by the terminology and it’s getting worse with Americanisation happening throughout the surveying world, thanks to popular American and Canadian property shows such as Holmes on Holmes and Property brothers! One I am finding more and more people are confused with particularly when it comes to our traditional building stock (Pre 1919) historic buildings when carrying out property surveys and that is mullion and muntin being used interchangeably and this isn’t correct.

Ok so what’s the deal well a mullion is a vertical member between adjoining window units and traditionally these would usually have been made out of stone although there are plenty of timber ones out there still today and in the UK we call what is known as muntins glazing bars and they are the little separations of different glass elements not to be confused with leaded windows. Interestingly in America it is not uncommon for a horizontal member within a window to be called a mullion as well over here in England we tend to use the term transom to describe the horizontal members in windows.

Now for your traditional historic buildings as historic building consultants carrying out listed building surveys in Ramsgate, we are keen to protect our heritage windows so we don’t really care what you call them but if you order a listed building survey from us these are the terms we will be using to describe your property and as such thought, it was important to bring it up. A really great bit of heritage guidance on historic building windows and window repairs is available form Historic England if you click here it is a good read and very informative and along with the practical conservation, series is one of my go-to publications for window repairs in historic buildings.

So why not book your residentialdilapidation or commercial survey today, so we have another opportunity to use the pole cam, one of our services where the pole cam is particularly useful is our Listed Building Surveys and historic building consultancy

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